The IND e-Craft is a mobile workstation. It is available in different versions.

The IND e-Craft is characterized by its exceptional robustness and maintenance-friendly design.

Mobile workstations are generally used in the incoming goods or quality assurance departments, but also during inventory taking or similar tasks. Maximum autonomy is the most important requirement of a mobile workstation.

The IND e-Craft meets these requirements perfectly. It is generally equipped with two maintenance-free 12V/80 Ah lead-gel accumulators. Available output voltages always include 24V and / or 12V; an optional voltage transformer with different power levels (400W or 700W) may be integrated, allowing commercially available devices requiring a 230V power supply (such as label printers printers) to be operated.

Depending on the version of the IND e-Craft ordered, it may come pre-equipped with bores for mounting terminal supports, in which case the necessary connection cables will already be included.

eCraft Terminal