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The FTT 2410 keyboard can be mounted directly next to the terminal or in a different position on the vehicle.

The aluminium housing and splash-protection (IP65) ensure withstand the toughest environments. The keys are backlit (night design).

The FTT 2410 is a numeric keyboard with alphanumeric characters and function keys (F1 to F10) on a shift level.

The brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically to suit the lighting conditions.

Various brackets are available for mounting the keyboards next to the terminal or in a diffent position on the vehicle to meet the local requirements


  • numeric rubber keyboard with 23 keys 
  • backlit
  • alphanumeric and funktion keys (F1 to F10) on a shift level

100 * 170 * 30mm

ca. 0,5kg

Environment sealing:

1 * USB

Power supply:
via terminal

Operating temperature:
0°C bto + 50°C (+32°F to 122°F) not condensing

Mounting brackets