The FTT 2420 can be mounted directly on the terminal or remote on the vehicle.

The Keyboard simplifies the use of large and / or frequent data entries and relieve the display of the on-screen keyboard, so that the entire screen is available for communication.

The keyboard is extremely sturdy due to the solid aluminum housing, and equipped with a waterproof (IP 65), illuminated rubber keyboard (night design).


  • illuminated keyboard with 68 keys
  • optional automatic or manual brightness control
  • 12 freely assignable function keys
  • various holders available for remote or terminal mounting
  • sealed rubber keyboard to protect against moisture
  • integrated strain relief for protection against rough handling

The FTT 2420 is a compact full-featured QWERTY keyboard including a numeric keypad and 12 function keys.

The keyboard is illuminated from the inside. The integrated brightness adjustment takes place either automatically or manually, so that an optimal adaptation to the ambient light is always guaranteed.

The USB connection cable is protected against damage due to rough handling by an internal cable sleeve with kink protection and strain relief.

There are various brackets available that allow mounting directly next to or below the terminal. Alternatively, the keyboard can also be attached remotely, z. B. if it makes sense ergonomically or the spatial conditions allow no other attachment to the vehicle.



  • alphanumeric rubber keyboard,
  • 68 keys, illuminated (night design),
    block of 10, cursor block, 12 function keys, Enter


  • 1x USB to the terminal


  • over the interface from the terminal

Operating temper.

  • 0°C bis +50°C

Protection class

  • IP 65


  • 250 x 120 x 35 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight approx. 0.9 kg


  • various mounting brackets available, e.g. below the terminal or remote from the terminal