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The FTT 2420 keyboard can be mounted directly next to the terminal or in a different position on the vehicle.

The aluminium housing and splash-protection (IP65) ensure withstand the toughest environments.The keys are backlit (night design).

The FTT 2420 is a compact complete QWERTY keyboard including numeric keypad and 12 function keys.

The brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically to suit the lighting conditions.

Various brackets are available for mounting the keyboards next to the terminal or in a diffent position on the vehicle to meet the local requirements.


  • alphanumeric keyboard with 68 keys
  • backlit
  • numeric keypad, cursor keys
  • function keys F1 to F12

250 * 120 * 35mm

ca. 0,9kg

Environment sealing:

1 * USB

Power supply:
via terminal

Operating temperature:
0°C to + 50°C (+32°F to 122°F) not condensing

Mounting brackets