MCL: Specializing in high prodictivity software products for Auto-ID

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The MCL-Collection will help to quickly create data capture applications for mobile computers like the IND Quadrino-S.

From design and development through to integration, deployment, management, and eventual forward migration to future generations of devices, MCL-Collection is a high productivity software for the entire lifecycle of your mobile applications.

Built for programmers and technically oriented non-programmers, this intuitive visual environment takes the mystery out of developing data capture applications.

Whatever your wireless real time warehouse picking application needs, MCL-Collection has everything you need to develop, integrate and deploy industrial-grade, data capture applications, quickly and easily.

What’s more, its multimodal approach allows you to combine barcode scanning, keyboard, touch screen and RFID data capture methods all in the same application.

Plus, fully integrated core products and a modular, thick-client architecture give you maximum flexibility and the freedom to mix-and-match only the components you need.

To download the MCL-Designer-Engine follow this link:

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